Family & Friends of Victims of Alzheimer’s

Hi there. I am not sure if anyone there will actually read what I am writing now, but this is going to be my place, on a daily basis, to talk with people that live the Alzheimer Disease as I live. I live in Brazil, I am an only child, my mother is 85 years old and it’s been approximately 10 years since the first symptoms of Alzheimer’sstarted.

I am not sure what you guys think, but I believe, Alzheimer is a very complex disease for the whole family. After some point, the victims, stop suffering and from this moment on, families will face a terrible nightmare.

As an only child, I have always been loved a lot, and I have always felt guilty several times during this journey. I wonder if she was on depression because of something I did, have I cared enough? have I been worried enough?

I try to share a little of this moment, feeling guilty, and I don’t even know if I need to feel guilty or not.

This is my first post in English. I will try to tell everything, from the beginning. I only hope to share and help other people, and of course being listened. Besides that I want to listen and somehow help people that are facing the same problem.

You will never forget love… this is what I believe right now and from now on.


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