Harley Quinn’s Day Out

As some of my readers may be aware, I’m a big fan of comicbook/superhero movies. I’m also a big fan of movie news. Today we got some news from Warner Brothers (Time Warner) about a “sequel” or spin-off from the Suicide Squad movie revolving around the main character, Harley Quinn. This news can be seen as positive for fans of the character, but I take it as being extremely negative for the franchise. Not only have we not seen the Suicide Squad movie, arriving in August, but now WB and DC are maybe trying to misdirect our attention to this new movie coming out. To me, it shows a lack of confidence in Suicide Squad even though the trailers have been good. This new spin-off movie is supposed to star Harley Quinn and be supported by a female cast. It’s another squad movie, but not called Suicide Squad 2. Ghostbusters, anyone?

Below I’ll lay out exactly how I feel this is going down in numerical steps:

  1. WB ended up not happy with the finished Suicide Squad product.
  2. WB is impressed with Margot Robbie’s performance and recognizes the demand for more of the beloved Harley Quinn.
  3. Give her another “starring” role, but actually maintain the team aspect even though they didn’t like Suicide Squad to begin with.

Something’s wrong here. Announcing the Harley Quinn movie this early is supposed to show their confidence, but the premise of her movie sounds like the exact opposite. From the looks of it, WB is confused from both arms of their new DC cinematic universe, heroes and now villains.

Good Night this franchise?
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