$TERP / $SUNE Tepper Letter 1/8/16

The following is a compilation of some tweets I made today about TerraForm Power ($TERP) and SunEdison ($SUNE) in regards to shareholders of both companies (I am long and will continue to be long $TERP). David Tepper’s Appaloosa Management sent another request to TerraForm Power for their books and records after being denied last time. Management wanted Tepper to fulfill their demands for the request to be deemed as legitimate, and after reading the letter they sure look to be legitimate concerns.

The letter that was filed with the SEC can be found here:


My tweets are compiled here (click on each tweet to go to the tweet page):

Read this. Please understand that Tepper is going to literally drive $SUNE into the ground and champion $TERP after he gets SUNE’s records.

$TERP $SUNE This is a battle that needs to be fought for TERP to grow its share price. Thank Tepper, he’s doing God’s work. Lawsuits coming.

$TERP $SUNE The highlighted section and what he goes into at the end of the paragraph pictured is reason for lawsuit:

$SUNE In closing, as we already know, the analysts don’t know much about the company and will ignore Tepper’s actions until it’s too late.

$SUNE If you are buying because of clueless analyst upgrades you are being foolish. Do your own DD and you will see things aren’t so rosy.

The SunEdison online investing community is another one I can’t stand. I should make a list. No one wants to listen to anything. Oh well. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink, as they say.

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