I have a unique educational and professional background. In my 6 years since graduating from college, I have held 8 titles at 5 companies.

As one may expect, during my last few job interviews, I have been asked why I’m looking to change jobs so soon, and my answer has been the same, “Your internal recruiter reached out and made this opportunity sound appealing.”

3 ways I have seen “job hopping” launch my career:

I was given this career advice early on, “The wider you build the base, the taller you can build the pyramid.”

Right now, I enable sales operations through technology, focused on the Salesforce platform, but my…

John Knight

Problem Solver | Builder | Networker | Data Lover | Learner | Volunteer | 3x Salesforce Certified | Trailhead Ranger | Chess Player | CaffeinatedCloud.com

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