A Somewhat Meandering Story About My LEEP Procedure
Devon Henry

You’re not alone. ❤ I just got the results back from my 2nd post-LEEP pap smear. I think I had 3 sets of biopsies (over a few years) before the doctors determined things were bad enough to go ahead with the LEEP. The 3rd set came back as CIN 3. Those biopsies are an insane pain. I immersed myself in cervical cancer information, reading about radiation therapy complications and fearing that more than dying.

When time came for the actual LEEP, it wasn’t terrible. The worst was that there was epinephrine or something in the local anesthetic and my heart was racing so uncomfortably. That was all I could think about.

The results came back CIN 2 with clear edges. Since then, both of my pap smears came back normal. It is weird to think I might be free now, “cured” of an illness that never made me feel ill. In another place, in another time, I might be on my way into the grave and not even know it.