Who, exactly, is Hammerhead? We get versions of this question often. We’d like to introduce our community to some of the names and faces behind the brand. This week, we tell the story of Robert, Hammerhead’s head of hardware engineering.

Hammerhead’s VP of Hardware, Robert Martinez.

Some notable UI improvements, plus yet another new datafield

MTB tour guide and former pro racer Lance Stephenson drifts with Karoo outside Stellenbosch, South Africa. Photo: Simon Pocock.

Karoo Software Build Version:

Introductions and Enhancements

  • Added time-to-destination data field.
  • During pause or autopause events, live sensor data can now still be displayed.
  • Lap button can now be hit to record a lap event even while paused.
  • User is now prompted to confirm deletion of activities from device.

Bug Fixes

  • Elevation calibration now accepts negative values.
  • Default Map and Main page sets were sometimes…

How Karoo helps you get around — and why it can be easy to lose the trail

Navigating our world properly can mean many things. It’s a complex idea, in both concept and in practice.

New data fields, and a critical patch for offline map downloading

Karoo navigating trails near Stellenbosch, South Africa. Photo: Simon Pocock

Karoo Software Build Version:

  • Distance-to-next-turn data field added.
  • Total-distance-remaining-on-ride data field added.
  • Messaging in Routes app changed from “Turn-by-Turn Not Available” to “Breadcrumb Navigation” when in the event of a TbT rendering issue (where TbT instructions will not appear but route trace is…

Offline maps, water resistance, our new website, and more.

Karoo has been engineered for the worst weather you may encounter, like stormy climbs up mountains in rural Japan. Image of a rider touring with Karoo. Photo: Parker Feierbach

FIT file improvements, and our first Google Chrome extension for even easier Dashboard importing

Customer service, data fields, and the Feedback Portal.

Riders testing Karoo on trails outside Stellenbosch, South Africa. Photo: Simon Pocock.

Karoo and Dashboard keep improving, thanks in part to the first round of our new ATG process.

Rider Joe Cruz, ascending with Karoo, outside Nagoya, Japan. Photo: Parker Feierbach

And the imminent introduction of the Hammerhead Karoo Advanced Testing Group

Doing more to improve Karoo as we grow.

A Karoo crew, climbing on a photoshoot and testing session near Stellenbosch, South Africa. Photo by Simon Pocock.

Caffery Garff

Director of Communications at Hammerhead. Equal parts gear nerd and word nerd.

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