Subliminal Messaging: Would You Use It?

Subliminal messaging is a little controversial, some use it and others prefer not to. But it’s not enough to use subliminal messaging on it’s own. If the message has no purpose then it’s not subliminal messaging at all, it’s just someone seeing if they can get away with it.

Whilst some subliminal messages are designed to grab your attention -like sex (as a species we’re inclined to notice the word, along with death, and blood), others are used to get you to take an action.

So Fruity!

But these days we often skim texts, trying to find answers quickly. Meaning you need to discover the exact points the eye travels to and leave the subliminal messaging there if you intend to use it.

Subliminal messaging could:

  1. Set a reader up to comment
  2. Extract the action you want from your visitor
  3. Convince them to share
  4. Make them feel a particular emotion
  5. Make them believe a companies good points
  6. Take the choice you want them to take

It can be used to reinforce an action, for example: a blog post you want people to comment on. You could put reminders throughout the page or an image hiding the letters cmmnt; their brain will happily supply the vowels to make the word readable.

The brain is constantly taking in information you barely even register. It learns, recognizes, and remembers, whilst you go about your day. Completely oblivious to the vast amounts of information it’s absorbing. Oblivious to how that information effects your later decisions.

How do you feel about subliminal messaging? Acceptable or totally unacceptable?

Is it okay that your brain is taking in messages left for it in your environment, that you never even notice? Perhaps you think it depends how it’s used or don’t mind subliminal messaging if it enhances the experience. But what if it’s used to change your opinion, an opinion you willingly formed for yourself?Change who you vote for, or the type of cereal you buy? Share your thoughts in the cmmnts? :)

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