The 100 is becoming unwatchable

Well said. The show lost its purpose and doesn’t live up to what we where promised by PR.

And the characters seem to be caught in a series of stupid plots flopping around like fish on land. There’s no hope in sight and this makes for a really bad viewing experience. Because they’re almost reduced to caricatures.

Not to mention the treatment of minorities on that show… I was gung-ho for this world in S1, S2 (which had it’s failings) but with the last 4 episodes they destroyed everything that made me enjoy this show. (female empowerment (let’s be honest tho it was white female empowerment), passing the bechdel test, actresses dominating the screentime, compelling moral dilemmas, etc.) The stupidity started with the massacre of the Grounder protection force and Pike’s anti-Grounder plot.

Thus I’m not watching this torture porn anymore. This is the CW, not HBO. If I want to watch GoT, I’ll watch GoT.

The show lost everything that made it unique and progressive.

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