Badass entrepreneurs.

By Carlos Espinosa.

What would be the most desirable quality in an entrepreneur?

Most of the people would choose stress resistance, some others maybe would choose adaptability, leadership and self control, visión, a big-picture mindset and so on and on, but the only truth I’ve learned in these seven years founding projects, exploring ideas and advising other entrepreneurs, is that no matter if you are fearless, diligent or whatever, those amazing qualities must grow over a base, like a tree need where to take roots, entrepreneruship need it also.

We all know the stories of how most of the best entrepreneurs droped off college, or never felt comfortable following orders from stupid “leaders”, Now we see how they did it with out any special professional background or an extensive experience in the industry, so, What is the real reason they were able to achieve all this?

If the answer is not on what is behind them, or even what is in front, it must be on what is inside, I mean the personality, and from all the possible ways to be, there is no other that facilitates success more as be a badass does it.

Badassness or what would be define as the art of giving a fuck, is that normal mood in that people that we admire, not for breaking the law or getting wasted, it’s because they know their judgment and common sense is worth more than the popular understanding of how life is supposed to be, and have the guts to try it, go against the odds and get fun with it.

Badass persons always do what they want, never ask for permission and most important, never regret. They fight for their believes and don’t let anybody tell them how or what to think. For all those reasons this is the most fertile ground to sow entrepreneurship.

If you’re thinking in go by yourself and still hesitating the moment or the right time to do it, don’t wait until have experience or enough money, do it in the exact moment when you feel you give a fuck about everything that surrounds you, cause at least if you do it this way, you won’t be comparing what you had before, or counting what you are earning, time or money, and you will focus on one feeling at the time. Sucking the experience, and if it hurts, you know what? It’s probably worth it.

Year zero kiddos!!!