The “yes to all” generation.

By Carlos Espinosa.

It’s pretty common these days to see young adults and millennials having fun and drinking some fancy shots on a bar, living in a “flow like a river” mood. I mean, is not that the purpose of life?

I have been single since around 3 years now, having a good time with some girl ocasionally, not in a free relationship but mainly dating and party sometimes. I’m not a one-night-stand guy so, I really make my best to get to know somebody. Sometimes just paying attention or sometimes by watching some movies or sharing with them ideas and more. At the end I believe in details like the way to see yourself through the eyes of someone else.

I built for myself a professional carreer which allow me have enough time to spend it with myself, to go out and run in the middle of the night and go to sleep very late, mostly ‘cause I really hate waking up early, that’s the real reason why I decided to become a entrepreneur. Right now, I’m not in the pitching-for-a-thousand-million-dollars-venture-capital mood, “au contraire”, I try to use all my free time for being open to new experiences, meet interesting and collaborative people and enjoy living without any very stressful situation.

It’s because of it that I’m extremely careful about when and where I live, work and who I say “yes”. It’s not easy to be in your thirties and have this unbalanced life, going out all the time, attending every party I got invited, saying “yes” to all the let’s-go-for-a-cup-of-coffee-messages that I receive. It’s not healthy to spend money on beers or drinks I don’t wanna take you know! in the end it’s not about money, it’s about use my resources with a bigger purpose on my mind, and that includes my TIME.

What freaks me out is that the rest of my generation and a couple of younger generations don’t think like this. They seem to be pushed to attend all the social agenda, it’s the fisical representation of the FMO (fear of missing out), no matter if they don’t have enough time, the must say “yes”, “I’ll go” or “I’ll be there”, like if time would pass faster for them and just like in the “blade runner” movie, they were to die after four years, like the nexus 4 character.

It’s quite a experience to see it, and even harder to be the collateral damage of this behavior. As I said at the beginning, I see them having fun, I see those girls laughing and dancing, some dudes drinking shoots or going to a futbol match but, for that specific moment of time, they must have said “yes” to a lot of some other events they will not attend, causing many people to lose their time waiting or preparing stuffs.

I have been called selfish and negative for having this preference for being selective but at the end, it’s totally better to focus on what matters, which is the quality of the time we share and not getting involved in those comercial chains of shitty advertising that shout #YOLO to all of us just because maybe #YOLO means that we will going to spen our money on their stupid products.

We live in a rush, no matter how hard we try, it’s inevitable to suffer the “missing out” effect, we will not turn back time or even make it run slowly like some good holliwood movies claim. Life is like this, it’s its natural course so, we have two options, understanding or being selfish and give a fuck about respecting others life pretenging we are being polite by saying “yes to all”