Growing into a small person

Hellooo my lovelies, did you miss me?..Thought so🤗. Sorry I missed a week I’ve been soooo busy! Half term ‘n’ all. One teeny tiny event that may have occurred over the half term may of been, oooo I don’t know, my birthday?

WOOOOO 17!!!! I am now legally allowed to put my dangerous self onto the roads driving. Ha, no I’m joking. I shall not be driving any time soon. It’s not something I’m crazy about doing as I am walking distance from everywhere. Except the gym! The gym is a 2 hour walk😩!! Like, help!! I guess that’s part of my workout though haha!

As you can see, my 17th birthday gathering with the girls was great, although we struggled to get a picture…

Anyway, enough rambling on, time to get into the subject I really wanted to talk to you guys about. Growing into a smaller person.

Now, this makes no sense. If you grow, you get bigger, not smaller…right?


Growing may mean going from the age of 1 to 3 but it can also relate to who you are and showing your true colours 🌈(mines obviously pink…Or black. Depends what mood I’m in) ANYWAY-Going off on a tangent there again, it’s not all just about that.

If you are someone who can admittedly say that you are, loud, outgoing, talkative, assertive, bossy and over confident which may sometimes come across as arrogance, then maybe you should try growing into a smaller person.

Nobody likes arrogance, there’s only so much people can tolerate. So if you see yourself loosing friends or drifting a part from people or maybe if you’re in a relationship and you notice there’s more arguments than usual…something needs to change.

In no way am I saying that you need to change who you are because, well…THAT’S YOU. If you’re in a relationship, you’re already loved for the way you are. If you’re not in a relationship then…I love you💃🏼 haha! As well as all your friends that surround you or that one special friend.

What I’m saying is, if you start to change who you really are to benefit others, you should consider shrinking a little. Meaning you grow.

I know, sounds stupid right? “If you shrink you grow”. Ha yeeeeah alright.
Shrinking as a person allows you to grow. You don’t need to change your personality to fit others around you. So stop being that person you’re not. If you’re liked/loved when you’re not yourself, how do you know if they really do like/love you? You should be so comfortable in that friendship/relationship that you can send them snapchat pictures you wouldn’t even show your pet fish it’s that bad.

Now girls!! Feel comfortable in your own skin. Not in your own skin after you’ve applied 7 layers of foundation, a fleek asf wing to your eye, long lushes eyelashes, perfectly shaped eyebrows and beautifully contoured skin…😳NO.

ANYWAY! There’s always going to be that constant worry in the back of your mind that people like you because you’re never being yourself, you’re putting on a show for them. Once you start pretending to be someone you’re not it’s hard to escape and DO NOT trap yourself in that position.

Shrink a little, be you, don’t be him or her or that model in the magazine that’s been edited God knows how many times. BE YOU!

Grow into a better person my shrinking who you’re not.

I realise that this is a very odd way of describing things and going about this topic however I do hope you can relate to it. If you can make sure you leave a comment and give it a like👍🏼 Always love to hear from you💕

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Love you guys, CYA



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