10 School Music Programs Throughout the U.S. Who Need Our Help

From the teacher’s perspective: West Side Summit School band in action.

The end of the school year is a busy time for teachers, as they’re assessing what they need for their students and their classrooms in the upcoming academic year. As part of this prep, teachers use Instruments in the Cloud, to quickly create a wish list of musical instruments, gear, and supplies they’ll need to make music accessible in their classrooms and schools.

Donors use Instruments in the Cloud to find new homes for their once-loved musical instruments they plan to donate. Instrument donors, we ask you to donate money to these programs. We know donors are motivated to make sure their donated instrument is ready and playable for the first day of school.

Here are 10 programs throughout the country who need our support:

North Middle School, Everett, Washington [wish list]: North Middle School started a new orchestra program last year, and they need upright basses and cellos (celli?).

East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy, East Palo Alto, California [wish list]: Phoenix Academy is starting a concert band this year. The teacher writes, “ We are starting a concert band at EPAPA and we are looking to get some instruments for the school to loan to students whose families may not be able to afford to rent instruments.”

Grover Cleveland High School, Receda, California [wish list]: This band needs bari saxophones, which are UNICORNS OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DONATION! If you have one hiding out in your attic, kindly bestow it on a growing school music program near you.

Morningside K-8 Center, Miami, Florida [wish list]: Morningside is starting an orchestra program, and they’re looking for violins, violas, and cellos.

EBC High School for Public Service in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York [wish list]: EBC is creating a salsa band. They’re looking for brass, woodwinds, and percussion.

Donald McKay Elementary School, Boston, Massachusetts [wish list]: This elementary school is looking for 20 ukuleles. Is there anyone in Boston who might be able to help with this?

Renaissance School, Racine, Wisconsin [wish list]: This school is starting a guitar program. Does your guitar gently weep in a corner by itself, collecting dust? Think about handing it over and then sitting in on this school’s year-end concert. Who says you can’t be a patron of middle school music programs?

Lowell Elementary School, Chicago, Illinois [wish list]: This school is working to update its inventory of musical instruments. Their last refresh took place nearly a quarter of a century ago!

Noble Street Charter High School, Chicago, Illinois [wish list]: This school is growing its music programs and has several needs for instruments and gear.

Saint Paul City School, Saint Paul, Minnesota [wish list]: Next year, the band program will be part of the school’s class schedule instead of being an after-school offering. Enthusiasm runs high for music at this school, and they need more musical instruments to accommodate student interest.

What can we do? Start with one of these, and tell me what we should add to this far-from-exhaustive list of actions you can take.

Donate a musical instrument. Trombone under your bed? Clarinet in the attic? Find a need for it near you.

Share this resource with music educators you know. Instruments in the Cloud is for teachers who are making music accessible to students.

Share these lists with your friends who live in these areas.

Support these programs with your dollars. Maybe you don’t have a ukulele or a djembe on hand. That’s fine. Help make music accessible to more students by giving your financial support. Donate online and designate one of the music programs above, or simply write a check to a school music program that made a difference in your life.

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