Case Study: Industry

Onboarding and Redesign of User-Profile Template

Project Brief

Industry is a professional network site for the service and hospitality industry. Currently, the site allows job seekers to highlight their skills and talents using photos and videos which empowers users to make a powerful first impression to potential employers without walking down the street passing out paper resumes.

Industry also allows businesses to post jobs, manage and track their applicants, maintain a pipeline of talents and match them with qualified candidates. The platform is free for job seekers and offers a SaaS product with different price points for businesses.


Industry is currently beta testing their site and only posting jobs in the San Diego area. They would like to expand the job listings to other cities and grow their user base, but are finding that many job seekers aren’t taking the time to complete their profile or using the site after they join which has created a ghost town feel.

Company Goals

We interviewed all the stakeholders in the company to find out what they wanted in a MVP and what the road map goals were.

We learned that the main objectives were:

  • Give users a simple flow for creating a profile — Decrease drop off and increase user base
  • Streamline hiring process — Hiring an employee and finding a job is extremely time consuming and takes 70% of job seekers 1–2 months to get a job
  • Help users to brand themselves — Branding can help a job seeker differentiate themselves in the industry
  • Integrate social networking within the Industry platform — Increase user engagement, nurture mentor relationships
Card Sorting with CTO


In three weeks working with Elize Todd, Lauren Black and Katrina Dargel, create onboarding process and redesign the user-profile template.


Sketches, Wire Frames, High-Fidelity Prototype

My Role

Research, User Survey, Stakeholder and User Interviews, Persona, Sketching, Userflow, Prototyping, User Testing, Iterations


Stakeholder Interviews, Task Analysis, User Survey, Competitive/Comparative Analysis, Persona, Scenario, User Flow, Sketches, Wire Frames, User Testing, Prototype


Google Forms, Google Slides, Sketch, InVision

The Process

Task Analysis

We asked a user to create an account and apply for a job using the current beta site.

Pain Points:

  • Log in process was lengthy, taking you to several pages
  • Landing page was misleading since there is no mobile app
  • Mission statement is unclear
  • Navigation after signing up is confusing
  • Unclear what icons on navigation bar do
  • Mislead by the chat feature, felt abandoned and disappointed when directed to email for support

User Survey

Next, we created a survey to determine if hospitality workers would be interested in the using a site like Industry to find jobs and what are the key things employers look at when considering an applicant.

You can view the full survey here.

Main takeaways:

  • 26.7% have worked 15–20 years in the hospitality industry, yet 60% do not intend to stay in the industry
  • 73.3% would not connect their personal social media accounts to a work profile, yet 50% would like to showcase their skills in a video for employers

User Interview

We then interviewed survey respondents from all specktroms within the industry, including chefs, bartenders, servers and hiring managers.

What we learned was job seekers:


Competitive Analysis

We looked at other job posting and professional networking sites including:

Comparative Analysis

Next, we looked at other types of job and social networking sites to see the flow of their onboarding and profile template.

How Research Informed Our Design

User Flow and Sketches

We went through many variations on how to create the easiest onboarding and profile creation for job seekers. Here are a few of our sketches.

Low-Fidelity Wire Frames

With the goal of making the onboarding process and ability to create a user profile as quick and painless as possible we added:

  • The option to sign up via Facebook, which also helped start creating a social network on the site
  • Pre-populated skills and duties for the user to pick from based on the job title selected
  • Helpful examples of good sentences for the bio section
  • A progress bar to make the user aware of exactly how many steps are required to access the site

User Testing

Changes made from the paper prototype:

  • Moved “view profile as employer” button to the right corner
  • Progress bar to just say what is needed to complete profile

Changes made from low-fidelity prototype testing:

  • Initially we had multiple job titles and duties per card, but users preferred one job position per card
  • Added a progress bar to inform the user how far along in the onboarding process they are

High-Fidelity Wire Frames

Based on the feedback from user testing we refined our prototype using InVision.

The complete prototype can be viewed here.


Next Steps

  • One click apply to multiple jobs
  • Application center where employers can review applications
  • Free business cards for job seekers
  • “Tom” guide profile — permanent friend with sample profile