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I clinged onto you when I should have clinge onto me.

Your words were just like the magic shows,filled with tricks. I was your audience I shouldn't have cheered you on.

I have come to the realization that i fall for words that are cinematic. words that move you like motion pictures do, but have no movement.

words that play a medley that gets stuck in your head and then sing that same medley sing in a shower.

Your words …. became a song and then they became stuck in my head.

You know like that piece of gum underneath a old diner’s table or under a gym shoe.

I listening to your words as I added nuances they didn't exist. I saw things that didnot exist. I made lines and connections that were not real between you in and I. Just like the lines that connect stars.

I made your words be worth more than their real value.

I should have seen it but that's what loves does to you or is that what lust does to you?

I’m not sure, I’m too young too. I haven’t yet picked up on the signs you know the indicators they identify what this was. What we were. If I know nothing at all I know that I feel to young to be willingly understand. And I know now you were a lesson.

Lesson: do not believe words that sing songs like a sweet lullaby. For those words that make you fall are the same ones that will make you fail.

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