September 8, 2016

He told me I wasn’t his “type”

It was one of those “fall first” type of loves

That is filled with all sensations that leave you senseless.

He said he hadn’t “seen” me like this before

My heart began to protest for I knew I was made for him

To make my heart become emancipated by my proclamation of love that I had for him.

For us

it had to be love that morphed into fear

fear formed by love

He told me it was for the best

I told him no pressure no rush

Honest. honest honest

is what my mouth said

As my heart was brushed aside

For his greater good.

But here’s the dilemma,

What your mouth doesn’t say your heart fills it’s carries heavy like a anchor

Heavy like the shackle placed upon my people.

Heavy was my heart

As it protested that,

“I just want to inform you that my heart is now forever yours

It needed hands and a heart

But my heart

He passed.

On the chance

Of love of a life

Yes an innocent and frightened type but nonetheless my love was a pure love

The type of love that makes your soul want more

crave more… dig more

An innocent and decent love

He passed

Claimed it wasnt right

My. heart… she knew

See he had Claimed He wasn’t the one for me

But when I looked back I feel a heavyness.

I was just a kid in a fool’s gold type of love

Listened to the wrong people

Who critically acclaimed his attention towards

Was more , “Something more” they would say

When all they wanted was that, “something more”


This is the type of love that makes one feels bad

For being so selfish

But it feels so good

It’s the type of love that’s helpful

But makes you helpless

I got that type that’s helpful and makes you helpless (at least that’s what I love to believe)

I see a boy who was concerned and afraid who faced the dangers of world and wanted to protect me shield me

Like family should.

I protested and yelled to the mountain tops that

He …was all I wanted. His name was love

He was love in a human form

Love personified


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