I don’t know what to do with Medium
Isaak Dury

I’m lost. I’m overloaded. I want to be a part of the latest and the greatest, the leading edge, the things that make life simpler and also make me look cool and pertinently leading edge. Using tools that people smarter and sexier than me swear by.

What a fantastic way of putting it. That idea consumes my life.

As far as my personal “stack”…

For me Medium fills a similar void for me as podcasts. It offers generally useful, actionable, entertaining information that allows me to take a break, but not consume useless garbage. Oh- and I use spritzlet to read articles on here :)

As far as the rest of my life….

I wake up in the morning and log on to slack where bots tell me the weather, the latest news, what I have going on that day and selected snippets from social media channels.

  1. I tap a button on my phone that turns on certain light bulbs and my computer.
  2. I walk into my bathroom and scan an NFC tag which turns on my phones bluetooth which connects to my speakers to play my newest spotify playlist and allows me to start my computer which immediately begins scanning my email to give me the days most important updates.

3. Then I shower, get ready and leave my apartment. There is no need to carry keys; I scan the NFC chip implanted in my hand against the door to lock it. The same chip allows me to unlock and start my car and get into my office building.

4. I get into work and scan my phone on my desks NFC pad. My phone gets put on silent, bluetooth turns off, my work computer starts, my work Slack is taken off do not disturb mode and my day begins.

This all might sound insane. I’m an average 23 year old girl, with an average job. But the technologies I use have changed my life. Every second I don’t have to worry about something else frees up bandwidth for me to do something with more utility.

I’ve been thinking a lot about a website (and maybe a podcast?) that allows people to discuss their “Stacks” as well. How cool would it be to put in your personal information or goals and have a list of proven technologies designed just for you? Almost like a diagnosis. You tell a bot you are this, you have these problems, these are your goals etc… then it spits out a sort of technological prescription? I think I’ll get started on that tonight, will keep you updated on my progress, if you wish.

Eventually my goal is to leverage my programming skills, obsession with automation and love of technology into a consulting business where I can help clients create and maintain their ideal “stacks”.

Can’t apologize enough for the for the excessive ramble, I haven’t yet heard of anyone else who seems to be so obsessed with new tools.

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