July 19: TEDxLugano Speakers Update: from Screen to Stage

Caitlin Krause
Jul 19, 2017 · 2 min read

The #TEDxLugano2017 CK Countdown

The site of TEDxLugano 2017: The gorgeous LAC

There’s a lot happening here at TEDxLugano; as Speakers Curator, my aim is to post once a week with the latest and greatest updates and thoughts, as we countdown to the event September 9.

We’ve attracted hundreds of speaker applications this year. When I visualize the event, and talk with potential speakers about being on-stage sharing their “idea worth spreading”, I can visualize the stage itself. The interesting part is, before a speaker even gets on stage, having a video presence is great practice.

This year, we’ve asked each speaker applicant to submit a video of themselves speaking about the topic. I agree with SXSW Interactive Director Hugh Forrest about this — in Hugh’s recent “Forrest Four-Cast”, he talks about the video “delivering your knowledge that will capture the energy and enthusiasm that will capture the SXSW community.” In this case, our community is the TEDxLugano crowd— and, it’s an incredibly dynamic experience!

In sum, live interactions make all the difference, and videos can serve as that connective catalyst that brings topics to life. Now, we’re ready to move from “screen to stage.” We’re at the brink of announcing our first accepted Speakers, and it’s certainly an exciting week. Stay tuned, and to join our audience, the time to apply is now.

Caitlin Krause

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