June 20th, 2015

So today I went on a hike with Zack in Chip Ross Park. This is the same place that I was on Thursday and it was just as pretty. From the top of the hill, the entirety of Corvegas is visible and you can even see Reser Stadium, where Beaver football happens. It’s exciting to get to see the world laid at your feet. Even while reading the news of the next mass extinction period that humans have created, I can still admire the world that surrounds me from the top of a hill. Besides that I did my make up today, a rare occurrence in the world of Caitlin. I just don’t have much time most days, so when I do I take advantage. I am glad for all the people who surround me, they are the ones who make everyday sparkle! I love you all, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Zack and I in Chip Ross Park. This boy is amazing! Please note: He is wearing a Math T — shirt!
Me being crazy, and Zack taking lots of pictures. I'm dating an amazing photographer, who always makes me smile!
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