Cajutel ICO : 5 shocking fact about Internet in Guinea-Bissau

  1. WiFi is increasingly common in hotels and restaurants in Bissau. Roaming is possible on phones, but connections are generally slow. Outside the capital internet is more scarce. Only a small percentage of Bissau-Guineans are connected to the internet.

2. Those are data volumes at a certain speed in Guinea-Bissau.So according to their offer -
1GB of data transferred over 64 kbps costs 50'000 CFA a month (89$)
6GB of data transferred over 256kbps costs 270'000 CFA a month (484$)

3. Stats of Guinea-Bissau internet Users- 
POPULATION (2010) 1,565,126 
INTERNET USERS (2000) 1,500 
INTERNET USERS (2010) 37,100
FACEBOOK USERS (2010) 5,620

4. The illiteracy rate for women is 82%. Domestic abuse against women is not only widespread, but also socially acceptable as a means of settling domestic disputes. They are accepting this because these women are unaware of their rights.

5. Zero information is available on science and technology because peoples are untouched with outer world due to lack of internet facility which can help them grow and learn.

Cajutel aims at providing a High speed internet to west Africa at much affordable price to make internet accessible to every individual of Africa to help them grow economically and help in growth of education and literacy by making people aware of latest technology and techniques. For more details visit-

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