Cajutel ICO: An Insightful ICO of Swiss Telecom Company wants to disrupt traditional internet market with Tokens

A project of Swiss telecommunications company Cajutel is hoping the initial coin offerings (ICOs) can help it disrupt the current speed of internet in west Africa by Introducing a high speed solar powered internet for every individual of west Africa.

Cajutel is founded by Andreas Fink with a vision to connect every part of Africa with the rest of word by providing High speed internet at cost which is much much lesser than present internet providers are charging for a very low speed internet, to raise the funding to develop infrastructure Cajutel launched an ICO using the ethereum blockchain. The team believes the project will bring benefits: providing a way to create a new market for internet in west Africa, introducing internet in west Africa which will change the life of people who need to interact with new technology and techniques which can open their doors to new opportunities which can lead them towards a better life. Cajutel aims in providing High speed 4G networks connecting every rural and remote areas of Guinea-Bissau which will prove to be an aid for rural development.

The Internet Market of Africa is very low penetrate due to inadequacy of current network providers, Cajutel is entering in a complete untouched market which is a major supremacy of Cajutel to grab the market by providing best services at affordable price. So a revolutionary project to invest in which create a boom in market and a great rate of return for the investors.

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