Cajutel ICO:Bounty campaign now open!

Cajutel Ico introducing the revolutionary bounty program.Participate in the biggest bounty program ever and get a chance to increase your rewards.Cajutel has begun reimbursing the Bounty campaign for their support. In order to promote community engagement and give back to the ecosystem, Cajutel has set aside approx $1 Million USD (As per the current price of ICO). Community with a core focus for the Cajutel Project and as such,Cajutel will Reward the community or the individual for showing their passion in spreading and promoting Cajutel at the maximum extent.

There is a list of sections where we are inviting participants to spread the company as much as they can on their dedicated channels and sources with quality content posting and publication will be rewarded according to our bounty program distribution.

Please note that all bounties are to be paid on a first-come-first-served basis, and that for a bounty is required to be eligible for selection. Any attempts to abuse the system will result in permanent forfeiture of future bonus opportunities.

Cajutel would like to thank everyone for supporting the project!

To know more details of reward distribution visit —

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