Cajutel ICO: Bringing reliable internet coverage to Africa

There are numerous remote regions in Africa where it is easy to feel isolated from the rest of the world. Broadband is rare and Internet connections are uncommon, as well as famously unreliable.

Africa is tremendous and exceptionally rural in many parts. The landmass is huge regarding land mass, as well as in the potential that it speaks to organizations over all ventures. Companies from everywhere throughout the globe are looking at Africa as the following spot where business is set to blast. Nevertheless, making this potential a reality will require defeating some real hindrances and guaranteeing powerful communications framework is set up.

Cajutel a guinea-Bissau based Telecom Company with vision to built infrastructure to serve 100% high-speed internet to the masses of West Africa covering every remote and rural area of the country. Cajutel laid great emphasis on current and future mobile broadband solutions to radically improve connectivity in rural areas, transform the education environment and facilitate growth for small and medium-sized businesses across the continent.

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