Cajutel ICO of a Swiss telecom: An emerging Token based Platform

There’s another pattern we are as of now observing rise in : ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) for network/Internet-related organizations and communities. These utilization blockchain-based “tokens” (or coins) as an approach to manufacture decentralized marketplaces, for Internet availability or different connections capacities like phone calls. Most have dreams for long haul interruption of existing models, in spite of the fact that they tend to begin from more unassuming specialties.

Cajutel a Guinea-Bissau based telecom company has launched its ICO for raising funding to built the infrastructure that covers every rural and remote areas of west africa and serve them with high speed solar powered internet.ICOs both build up a “currency” for these future markets, and give subsidizing to associations in charge of their creation and upkeep.

Blockchain technology has many possible touch-points with the telecoms industry, from data-integrity management to back-office systems to billing, developing infrastructure to data sharing.if you are concerned about or future,ICOs lead to commercial, scalable networking or communications platforms?

Well, they are collecting funding to do so then they obviously will built the necessary working networking model that serve the masses in west africa with high speed internet in near future.

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