Cajutel ICO :Raising Fund To build Connectivity in West Africa

Connectivity is a word that is definitely not unheard of in the modern world. Our entire routines are dependent on this one single word. The importance of being connected to one another has probably never been greater. This is the era of constant connection with everyone. Be it your work, your family or friends, it is absolutely essential for one to be in touch with everyone else at all times. Of course, this need has been heightened by the fact that communication channels are extremely well developed these days. Technology pertaining to this field has advanced significantly with the biggest innovation in the area being internet. The internet is actually being considered as a basic human right by various organizations that operate on the global level.

Yet, there are still some places in Africa where internet technology really doesn’t exist and some regions wherever internet is available being unreliable and extremely slow speed internet it’s still very expensive, which makes it a luxury amenity which only upper classes can afford to have.

In order to change the situation of internet connectivity in west africa , Cajutel Sarl, a company from Guinea-Bissau is building infrastructure to serve the masses in west africa with high speed internet at affordable prices. Building the non existing infrastructure is at its core and provides a long term return. Cajutel has now moved to the cryptocoin market as a modern way to raise its needed investments for this infrastructure and thus is probably the first DAO. An initiative to bring wellness and prosperity in Africa. #BringChangetoAfrica

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