100% solar powered high speed internet for west Africa


Cajutel sarl is a Guinea-Bissau based organization under Swiss proprietorship. The organization is being begun as a mobile system in Iceland in 2007 and worked EMAX a rustic wireless system and we have comprehension of operations to be embraced to grow web innovation in remote ranges. Our main goal is to build up a system that gives web innovation to allover Guinea-Bissau additionally in the rural and remote region and future development to neighboring nations.

CAJ goes for giving speediest web around 10X to 100X speedier than the current providers. In West Africa there is no web innovation accessible because of absence of transfer speed and high costs our point is giving a network which can be accessible to overall population at much moderate cost at a gauge of 30% less cost. cajutel will be the quicker , solid and moderate web access among all. Presently there are only 2 % population is accessing internet but the rest 98% is our future client base.

About CEO-

Andreas fink is the CEO of Cajutel internet rapids have 25 years experience in telecommunication industry. His journey starts from 1992, he started up with Ping Net GmbH in Switzerland in the starting days of internet technology which was later brought by World Online International a pan European internet service provider which went IPO shortly after. Furthermore he worked with many giant tele industries. In 2010 he invested in EMax a failing network and converted it into the speediest network of Iceland and later sold it in 2013 and EMAX his focus in providing the fastest 4G LTE internet service in the country with over 500 base stations covering overall population especially rural areas.

About CTO:

David is a Brit who has lived the last 20 years of his life in various West African countries, and currently holds a Guinea-Bissauan passport. He has built TV and radio broadcast stations and MMDS relays in Senegal and Guinea-Bissau and knows very well how to build low cost networks and how to deal with African government and institutions. He is well networked within the region which is vital for this project.

Network & Infrastructure-

CAJUTEL is in procedure of getting all the required licenses for its operation and is taking a shot at a draft roll out plan and all the contacts expected to begin operation across the country. The strategy is to cover 75% of the populace with most noteworthy speed web access inside 2 years. The system foundation is in the last phase of being picked in view of past encounters of the different merchants picked. System arranging is done in house and finished for the main period of the system.

Marketing & Sales-

Cajutel has arrived in market a complete strategic plan to better suit the needs of local market. We are providing a much faster, much reliable and much affordable Internet service then the previous service providers. Currently the market only has a few low levels players and cajutel have the opportunity to expand and take the market because we are early investors in the market with over 25 years of experience. Our policy will create an internet boom in the market and attracts every person’s interest with this revolutionary new service. Our sales policy includes direct sales in different areas and by partner companies and kiosk and also mouth to mouth publicity creates wondrous growth impact in sales.

Funds Requested-

CAJUTEL is looking for an investment of 30M$ to cover Guinea-Bissau and Guinea (the big plan) or a minimum of 12M$ for the slower building plan to only cover Guinea-Bissau.

Use of Funds Requested-

The requested funds will be used to build the initial network of CAJ and for expansion an operating losses for a year until the breakeven point is reached by which point company can fund its own expansion and operations.

Initial Cryptocurrency Offering-

Cajutel has decided to increase the financing for this project by by issuing etherum based cryptotokens as share certificates. Which means every cryptotoken is representing a share in the company and equal voting right.

The company has authorized 720'000 shares to be issued for this ICO.

These Shares are distributed in 5 Phases

Phase 1 10'000 Shares/Tokens sold at 0.05 Ether

Phase 2 10'000 Shares/Tokens sold at 0.075 Ether

Phase 3 100'000 Shares/Tokens sold at 0.10 Ether

Phase 4 200'000 Shares/Tokens sold at 0.15 Ether

Phase 5 400'000 Shares/Tokens sold at 0.20 Ether

Reaching funding phase 4 allows us to build the network in Guinea-Bissau.

Reaching funding phase 5 allows us to expand the plan into Guinea as well.

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