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What is the best thing about working in HR? :)

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Fancy yourself as the next big Human Resources virtuoso? Let’s see shall we? Take this 13-question quiz to find out where you rank on a scale of HR Black Belt to Industry Pariah.

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The Imposter (The Industry Pariah; The Indusrty Imbecile; Dudley McDudface)

Okay I’m gonna have to ask you to stop right there, turn around, and go straight back to the career drawing board because human resource is 100% NOT your jam. Okay look, you tried. But you failed. And now it’s time to consider a new path. Maybe as, oh, I dunno, a mousepad designer? Or a duck whisperer? Or a chewing gum critic? Literally anything other than a role in human resources. For the love of god, please. Okay thank you and goodbye.

The Rising Star (Upward Trending Superstar; New Sheriff In Town)

Watch out executive leadership team because a new sheriff is on their way to town! As a rising HR star, you’ve been impressing your work chums with your efficiency, know-how, and dedication to the job for some time now. Just keep doing what you’re doing and within a year or two, you’ll have earned a company’s place at the big boy table.

The Guru (The Black Belt; The Oprah Winfrey of HR)

Can we get some more candy up in here because DAMN…you are crushing it! Professional, compassionate, intuitive, and uber well-versed in the ways of HR best practice — you couldn’t slip up even if you tried. Adored by your bosses and revered by your colleagues, you’re the sails keeping your whole ship afloat. Don’t ever change! (Or quit….otherwise your company will probably fall apart).

The Rookie (The Little HR Engine That Could)

You started at the bottom and now you’re…well…still at the bottom. But don’t go beating yourself up about it. Even though you’re far from the top of your field, the potential is there. All you need to do is start treating your job more seriously. Think of it as less of an elective university course and more of a career. Get a mentor. Read a book about human resources management. Stop coming to work late. Try lead by example. Y’know…that kind of thing.

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