Why China’s current banknotes sucks

“They Don’t Make'em Like They used to anymore.”
Is that the same person or is it just that all chinese looks the same? #trippy
· The People’s Republic of China.
· Renminbi: People’s Currency
· The Bank of issue? People’s Bank of china
But the new issues does not represent the people’s.
This is going to be a comparison between the current 5th gen and the old 4th gen issues.

Bank notes are the first insights into any country. They present the face of any country even before you step foot on its soil. It's the first thing you hold that tells you about the place.

They are also the most used by/item in everyday life. So it has great potential as a learning tool for the young, even if they don’t understand it, they might at least understand that imprinted on it is probably something important.

There’s a fucking mathematical distribution function on their note. Old German Mark, Replaced by EURO.

There’s certainly no shortage of insights/culture/things/history/people other than mao to put on its currency. Of course he should be on the note somewhere, but certainly not all of them, even the very first paper notes are minted by the chinese.

There are 52 ethnic groups in china, and there's only so much you can put on the notes, but the old notes did it anyways.

1 Yuan: Dong and Yao women

2Yuan: Uyghur and Yi (Nuosu) women

5Yuan : Tibetan woman and Muslim Hui elder

10Yuan: Han and Mongol men

I also loved how the currency is divided, with the most used, 1,2,5,10 yuan imprinted with the face of the common people.
Medium Value: 50Yuan: An intellectual, a farmer, and an industrial worker
Highest Value: Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, and Zhu De, the founding fathers of People’s republic.
An intellectual, a farmer, and an industrial worker and the Hukou Waterfall along the Yellow River
The founding fathers of the people’s republic, and mao is one of them.

That’s what it's trying to say: They are all EQUALLY Important.

Here’s my favorite, the old 5 Yuan note, why? because it features a muslim man.

Now, i am quite..unreligious, and maybe that made me like it even more.

You see, the cultural revolution more or less ended in 1976, but its echoes still resonates strongly during the 1980’s, and in the list of things that has to go was religion.

Then the 80’s came along when the cultural revolution was still very fresh in the minds of the people comes this, featuring a muslim man, the minority, honouring and proudly showcasing the vast land, culture and the people with its face on the face of its note.

Here’s another thing, i find that older illustrations are more genuine, just compare the photo of Yangtze river to the 5 yuan illustration.

and now compare the new 5 yuan note illustrations.

The illustration looks like some kind of heavenly place with all its mystical awe and fogging clouds, it's nice don’t get me wrong but i can’t help to feel that it's somehow different.

Oh, fun fact, since part of Mount everest is in china, it was featured on the old 10yuan.

I'll leave you at that.

Mount Everest
After all, it’s People’s Republic of china, not Mao’s.
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