Move-In Day At UC Berkeley Has Arrived And We Can’t Even Handle It

“We’re excited” is an understatement.


The big day has finally arrived.

You’ve been waiting for months...

…and months.

And now it’s here.


Your bags have been packed for weeks.

Well, you had planned on packing them weeks ago...

You check your packing list one more time.

Books? Check.

Flip-flops? Check.

You are ready.

And can’t wait one more day.

You hit the road.

You are #BerkeleyBound.

As you get closer to campus, you can’t handle the excitement.

Then, you see it in the distance…the CAMPANILE.

You arrive on campus and take it all in.

But before you can Snapchat your way through campus, you remember you first have to move-in.

You head to your residence hall and unload your stuff (books, flip flops, etc.) and go park your car.

You find a parking spot in one of the free lots.

With your car parked, you check the Cal app for a map because you can’t remember how to get back to your res hall, and more importantly those flip flops.

You arrive back at your res hall and begin moving your stuff into your room.

And better yet, you get to meet your roommate.

Inside you’re like…

But on the outside you’re like…

But in reality you’re thinking…

You unpack your flip flops, get settled into your new home and before you realize it, it’s time.

It’s time to say goodbye to your family.

You try to keep it casual.

But then you’re like…

You keep telling yourself, it’s okay.

And as you say goodbye, you remind your family that Parents Weekend isn’t far away.

You head back to your room and tell yourself…

…“I got this.”

Because you remember that everyone around you is new, too.

So introduce yourself.

Try new things.

Make new friends.

Because you’re ready for this.

Move-in day is just the start. You’re no longer #BerkeleyBound. You have arrived.

Welcome to your new home at UC Berkeley!