I, Racist
John Metta

I agree that all white people benefit from institutional racism. But I respectfully disagree that this makes “all” white people “racists”. That’s an incendiary and specific term for specific behavior. Should I say, because the writer is male, that he’s a sexist and misogynist because he’s male and benefits from a system that favors even men of color over ANY WOMAN? SERIOUSLY? The author makes some valid critiques and I agree with them. I am a woman of mixed heritage as well although you could not tell it on the surface — many of my ancestors were American Indians and one of them was Jewish. To automatically accuse everyone you meet of a behavior due to SKIN COLOR is to become guilty of the same sin that you are accusing others of in this case. Institutional racism, on the other hand, is, indeed, real and everyone who’s skin color falls within an artificially defined spectrum benefits from it and THAT is, indeed, an injustice that we should rectify. But you do not rectify it by pissing off or offending your allies either. Shall I go back to the all males are sexist pig rapists analogy? Yeah. I didn’t think so.

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