Postcapitalism and the city
Paul Mason

‘As the market sector shrinks, that means you run out of taxes. So I never use the words “unconditional” or universal. I would make the basic income conditional on engagement with the demos of the city. For example, if you obliged peopel to take part in collective groups to manage the chronic diseases of poverty: mental illness, hypertension, stress, obesity; you could point to a payback from the basic income in terms of current spending.’

Which is where you fall into the trap of Malthusianism. Think about it a bit. ‘universal… basic income’ means just that. If the basic income was ‘universal’ it would remove competitiveness . You need to read a little more Spence and a lot less ‘crude’ Robert Owen.

It was no coincidence that the UK was at its most creative when we had a generally universal social security system, or that the bedrock of the free marketeers was it’s destruction

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