I’ve spent the last few days in NYC and here’s what I think:

When my trip to Vancouver fell through, I had an opportunity to do something a little bold.

To set the stage- I graduate in 28 days. I’ve been job hunting in essence since my freshman year, but more seriously since September. One of my top options/goals is to work for the NYTimes and produce content for the “Times Talks” program. After trying to make a contact with the program for months, I decided I would go to one of their shows and introduce myself to the director. I had found her through LinkedIn, and knew the only way I would make something happen is to show up. So I did.


I arrived Thursday night. I got to see my friend Stephen​ which was nice, and Friday I was on my own again. 89% of Friday I felt like I had made a big mistake by coming here. I felt alone. I felt lost. I felt like I had wasted a large amount of money. It really felt terrible. I also had my usual feeling of dread about not having a job despite how hard I’ve worked for the past few years.

I went to the Times Talks show that night and I started to feel better. I counted the cameras and watched where workers were positioned. I looked at the lighting and how the talent would enter the room. I felt good seeing my shows were structured in a very similar way. I can do this, I thought. I’ve got this. When the show ended the director of the program immediately left. I asked one of the workers with the headsets if they could go get her for me, and luckily, she came back out.

Me: Hi Carol! My name is Cale and I came from Missouri to meet you.
Carol: …Why?
Me: I want to work for you!
Carol: Interesting.

^Not the full conversation by any means but basically how it happened. I got her email and I sent a follow up. Right now she is speaking to the events marketing team at the Times about me and she’ll get back in touch. I’m crossing my fingers. I want this bad. I want something, anything, at this point. But I don’t want to settle. I came a long way to fight for this and I want to do what I can to make it happen.

Other NYC things: I got to see a TED fellow/friend and a former co-worker. That made the trip much more enjoyable and I felt better about a lot of things.


TL/DR: I’m remaining hopeful after this trip. NYC is a beast and it exhausts me, but I think with time I could learn it and make it work.

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