We go through life struggling to be the best Christian we can be but somehow we always fail in some aspect of are human nature. I was struggling with this idea of trying to reject the sinful nature inside of me. I was trying so hard to not do what I knew was wrong but I always did. In Romans 7:14–25 Paul talks about his struggle with sin and that could have been my team verse for last year.

What I have realized earlier this year is that it is not about trying to be the best or trying not to do bad things. If that is our goal than we will fail every time in my opinion. In our Christian walk we are to become more like Jesus right? Christian is defined Christ followers or as charismatics like to say “little Christ”. But how do we do that? We have come up with many ways to try and be more like Jesus but trying is not enough. Instead we need to just be like Christ, but that requires a identity change and how do we change our identity? Take this from a different perspective. Sometimes people change there names so they don’t have to be associated with there former self or that others would not perceive them to be the same. Paul did this. He changed his name from Saul, Abraham to Abram, and Simon to peter and many others throughout the scripture their identities changed at this point. When people see me I want them to see more of Jesus and less of myself. My name is Caleb, which means faithful and loyal. I have lived to live up to that meaning always being the most faithful and loyal friend and person I can be. I have decided to add something to that and with that comes all this other stuff (1 Corinthians 13). And that word is LOVE.

You see cause Love is more than a meaning and more than a feeling. Love is a person and Love is who someone is, and that someone is Jesus. It says in 1 John 4:7–21 that God is Love. I encourage you to go read this. What I really got from this and what God reviled to me is that if we want to become more like Jesus that all we have to do is receive the Love that God poured out onto us through Jesus and his teachings. The more we receive Gods Love in us the more we receive Jesus in our harts. The more Jesus we get in us the more our identity will be changed into Jesus. It all becomes a whole lot easier to live when we live a life of Love. It really dose when you get so transformed by receiving Gods Love which goes beyond measure it becomes so simple just to Love others especially those that hurt you or those that you hate and have problems with. The only way that this could ever be accomplished it though receiving more of Gods Love. Once we do that there soon become no room for hate because Gods Love overflows in our life so much that it becomes so natural to Love others.

My encouragement to anyone that is reading this is to stop trying to figure out life and figure out how to be a better person but rather receive more of Gods Love in your hart. Strive to receive more of his love, let the door swing wide open and don’t keep it cracked and take a peek at Gods Love but let it in cause I promise when you do your life will be transformed and you will never be the same and you will take on a new identity that will change everything around you. You will see everything in a much more powerful way. Cause Jesus is the most powerful person that I know and his name is Love. I don’t know what else to say but I do beg you to let Love into your life cause true Love come from God cause God is Love.