I’m taking up NaNoWriMo

It was in my senior year of high school when my Creative Writing teacher told her class about a project that occurs every November: National Novel Writing Month. The project was simple, write 50,000 words during the month of November. This length was about enough for a novel, around the same size as ‘The Great Gatsby’ by Fred Scott Fitzgerald.

I wanted to write a novel. It was my dream; but at that point in my life, the longest story I had written was about eight pages long. I had ideas in my head that I thought could expand into something beyond 50,000 words, but the project proved to me too daunting at the time, especially when I had six other classes and was on the high school cross country team.

As six years pass the thought of NaNoWriMo was remained in my mind. College kept things out of the way, and being involved in a few student organizations, I didn’t have the time to spare for the novel.


This isn’t the case today. It’s been a long year, but I’ve slowly spent my time preparing for this project. Apart from my daily job, I’m ready to commit to the task of NaNoWriMo and pursuing my dream of writing a novel. I’m aware that this won’t be easy. As I’ve learned over the year, that there‘ll always be distractions, and even the most simple request can turn me away from focusing on this project.

Yet November approaches, and I remain adamant that I won’t let myself be distracted. With pages of characters written and places described, I’m not going to start NaNoWriMo with absolutely nothing. What’s important now is that I start my writing on the 1st of November, and I keep going one day at a time. And once it’s November 30th, I’ll either have finished the project, or completely fail.

For those also partaking in NaNoWriMo for the first time, you’re not alone. I’m just as nervous and I am excited. Best of luck :)

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