25th November — Shopping Reminder Day

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Nov 25, 2018 · 1 min read

Written by Jack Burkey

Purpose of Shopping Reminder Day:

Shopping reminder day is roughly a month before Christmas, and is widely known for being a reminder to help people start their Christmas shopping.

History of Shopping Reminder Day:

As Christmas became more widespread and commercialised in the 20th century, the Friday after Thanksgiving Day became the busiest day in the calendar for shoppers in the US. Shopping reminder day is also known as Black Friday in the United Kingdom. The day is usually known for all branded shops having extortionately low prices and huge discounts on many products (e.g. technology and beauty products). This means it isn’t only a huge calendar event for shoppers, but also is a huge profit making day for commercial companies such as big companies like Asda and Apple.

How to celebrate Black Friday?

Have a good old shop!!! It’s a great time to start shopping for Christmas presents and other necessities for the festive season this year. It is also a good time to fill up on daily items, such as the weekly shopping, e.g. food and drink, toiletries, luxury food and drink items and other things which can be used in everyday situations for example light bulbs.

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