On This Day (May 29, 1968) : Manchester Utd Win The European Cup

Manchester Utd are first English club to win the title.

1968 is a year that Man Utd fans will continue to honor as the team walked away as champions of the European Cup. Playing against Portuguese team Benfica, the English team won by four goals to one.

The first half bumbled along with a fluster of fouls, with team captain Bobby Charlton moving the score to 1–0 in the second half. With ten minutes to go, Benfica scored the equaliser and nearly stole the game until Alex Stepney saved a very-near goal and the game went inot extra time.

It wasn’t long before star player George Best scored United’s second goal, followed by Brian Kidd and Bobby Charlton to take the team to it’s 4–1 victory.

Manager Matt Busby said of the game; “They’ve done us proud. They came back with all their hearts to show everyone what Manchester united are made of. This is the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life and I am the proudest man in England tonight.”

As well as taking home the trophy, Best was also named European Footballer of the Year.

(Above: The 1968 team posing at Old Trafford with the European Cup)