Quirky works — products a little off the beaten track.

Written by Verity Vincent

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With so many products to browse through we thought we’d share with you some of our more unique and alternative items that you may not find elsewhere.

The Oil and Dust calendar is available exclusively through the Calendar Club site and features the exquisite work of Dark Moon Media. The Oil and Dust project created by Dominick Mortier explores the use of textures and particles, contrasting with matt and shine finishes on monochrome images. This is hopefully the first of many projects we’ll see from this photographer.

Oil and Dust A3 Calendar 2018

Whether you’re covered in ink yourself, or just admire the art form, the Tattoo Art calendar features some impressive sleeve, back and chest work to inspire your next piece.

Tattoo Art Calendar 2018

Perfect for Secret Santa gifts or to liven up your desk at home, the 365 More Facts That Will Scare The S#*t Out of You desk calendar features a fact per day to amaze, astound and humour you throughout the working day.

365 More Facts That Will Scare The S#*t Out of You Desk Calendar 2018

The Anti Affirmations desk calendar pokes fun at the “inspirational quote” trend, offering up daily advice such as; ‘Keep living life like there’s no tomorrow and soon you’ll be right. Sooner than you think’. Uplifting huh?

Anti Affirmations Desk Calendar 2018

Unleash your inner Wiccan throughout 2018 with the Witches deluxe calendar. Packed full of details of when to plant and harvest your spell ingredients, corresponding stones for days and months, moon phases, ruling planets and beautiful illustrations. What more could a witch in training need?

Witches Deluxe Calendar 2018

For anyone that grew up in the 90’s, or has an appreciation for its cultural influences, the Glorious 90’s 2018 calendar takes us on a journey through the decade with some of it’s most prominent faces. Think Britney Spears, Kurt Cobain, Princess Diana, David Duchovny, Jennifer & Courtney and the Spice Girls, to name but a few.

Glorious 90’s Calendar 2018

If you’re looking for a specific Dog breed calendar, chances are we’ve got it. Our friends at Carousel Calendars have created the most adorable Dachshund calendar EVER! Throughout 2018 you can see these cute little puppers frolicking on beaches, hiding in mailboxes, teaching doggie maths and just generally, having a great time!

Dachshund Calendar 2018