Myself, The Founder Of Trump University (RIP) & You . . .

This is the story of how I came to meet & know the man behind Trump University.

Let’s first start from the beginning . . .

Over the past decade or so I’ve attempted ( with little to no real “success” / but what is “success” anyway ? ) various online ventures.

Whatever might come to mind . . . Most likely I’ve tried it . . . I’ve spent allot of precious valuable time & energy here online . . . Posting this . . . Signing up for that . . . Sending out these . . . Doing that

You probably know what I am talking about.

The thing is.

I truly enjoy “ Networking “ with people.

I truly enjoy people in general.

They fascinate me.

Many years back I worked at a popular specialty grocery store here in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego.

Over the years, I had the opportunity to chat with all kinds of people. They got to know me. I got to know them.

Things were good.

Once specific gentleman had always ( and in fact still does ) attempted to “pitch” me on his latest & greatest “opportunity.”

( O.k. I can hear it both my mind & your’s )

Let me ask you this.

What do you think of when someone say’s the word “ opportunity. “

Yep, me too . . .

But this time was different.

I took the bait.

I decided to look into further.

I researched the company.

In fact, they were headquartered right down the street from the store.

So, me & my new friend had meetings with all the top brass.

Long story short.

I was in.

At this moment. Feel free to look it up. It was called, “ Global One. “

And now. I was a “ Founder. “

We are going to jump forward a bit in time to where I wrote a couple articles or was attempting to market to the best of my ability on a site that was called “ Veretekk “

To this day, the Founder is still out there marketing & doing a very good job at it. They were based out of San Diego here. I even had the opportunity to surf with his son at Cardiff reef.

But that’s another story.

Let me get moving on this one.

So, I got on a Google Hangouts with some big time marketers / net workers / etc. Basically, I was looking to learn.

I am still am.

There was a specific gentleman on this call from the town of Jenkintown Philadelphia.

For some reason or another, out of the ten or so people on the video call. He made a comment directly to me regarding how he could help me out with marketing.

Now at the time, I had long crazy hair & was all over the place with my online efforts. Well, I am still all over the place with my online efforts but at least I am still effort ing.


That was his slogan.

At this moment, another character is introduced into our story.

Frank Van Zon “ The Dutch Marketer. “

He was also in on “ Global One “ & I was his inside San Diego connection directly to the source at Corporate.

Then I made the introduction ( first online then in person ) to Mr. Beryl Wolk.

What a trio we were.

Brief as it was.

Now, if you do some research on both these characters ( go ahead google them ) You will surely find some interesting stories & opinions.

Mine is from the source.

I saw the pictures of him & former Presidents.

I saw the endless room of stuff that he had marketed over the years.

I saw the picture of him smiling up on a stage with Mr. Trump & his wife.

It was Mr. Beryl Wolk who had done the marketing for Amway & so much more over the years.

It was Mr. Beryl Wolk who had come up with idea for “ Trump University “

It was Mr. Beryl Wolk who coined the term

“ Marketing Is Making It “

Here we are

Myself ( long hair & all )

Frank Van Zon ( The Dutch Marketer )


Mr. Beryl Wolk


Yes, I’ve Decided To Publish This Out Now
Of Course

Timing Is Everything . . .

Thank You For Reading & Please Do Feel Free To Reach Out