Tech Culture Can Change
danah boyd

WOW. WOW. WOW. SO MUCH of this wonderful article resonates with me on so many levels, as I am sure it does with many other girls … It is due to parallel experiences, that I decided to go ahead and “be the change” in culture, which is, after all … what my Masters’ Degree as an artist was really all about … In fact when I arrived in “Hollywood” with my M.A from N.Y.U … it soon became evident that my education was not a requirement LOL as a “blonde” “actress” … and then … it hit me … OH YEAH … I am qualified to do EXACTLY THIS … and that is why I built my own “FeMPoWorD™ “Green” Upcycled Recycled Film + Music Studio to make films + albums with strong female voices, and intercultural, social justice, climate justice voices too … I made “eVe N’ god this female is not yet rated™” Feature Film with an all female production crew, when that was still an anomaly, just a few short years ago … I LOVE your reference to Ani D. … in fact, radio DJ just compared my songs to Ani DiFranco and I confess I didn’t know her work all that well … but when I researched her … I was so proud … So NOW we will find out how to get my unique FeMPoWorD™ Motion Picture and Album DISTRIBUTED … bc … THERE TOO … it’s an UP-HILL CLIMB … I welcome suggestions / aid in Distribution from anybody who can help us find quality distribution ! … Wow Again … this is an awesome article I will re-read … I will seek out your future writings and hope to speak with you in person some-day … Consider me your friend! HUGGS ! 🐬

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