Types of Precision Measuring Tools and Their Maintenance

Edword Simpson
Feb 17, 2015 · 3 min read

Measuring tools play a very important part in different production processes. Every professional working in the field of sheet metal production needs to have a thorough knowledge of using these precision measuring tools.

It is difficult for companies to deal with working professionals who do not have any experience or knowledge of using various measuring tools. Therefore, knowing the nature of these tools along with their measuring tactics is essential in such industries.

Some tools that are used in various industries are as follows:

  • Micrometer: Available in different metric and inch systems, this precision tool is generally used for measuring different types of materials. The technician using this measuring tool should have proper knowledge about handling it against the anvil. The material needs to be placed against the anvil with the micrometer spindle turned down. Along with this, the technician should also keep in mind to place his/her thumb and index finger in the right position to operate the micrometer properly.
  • Screw thread micrometer: For manufacturing different types of screws and washers, it is very important to have a uniform screw thread measurement because if the thread measurements are not done uniformly, the screw will not fit the machine it is designed for. The value on the micrometer should always read zero before the measuring procedure is started. This ensures that all the measurements are accurate and absolutely authentic in nature.
  • Rulers and tape measures: While the margin of error is not that huge on different rulers and tape measures, still there are times when precise measurements are needed to guarantee the success of various production processes. Generally, you will find different types of calibrated rulers and tape measures in various sheet metal cutting factories. These tools are more precise in nature due to their tight tolerances. Technicians who handle these measuring instruments are specially trained to handle such equipment to ensure better and accurate results.
  • Slide Calipers: Generally used for measuring lines and diameters, this precision measuring tool is used in different sheet cutting units. It may not have the precision of a micrometer, but will surely give more measuring range than a micrometer. These tools have a two knurled thumb piece on the slide that fixes them in one position. The technician handling this tool should know how to check and set the separate ID nibs on these slide calipers to achieve accurate measurements.

Maintenance of Precision Measuring Tools

Apart from knowing the working techniques of different precision measuring tools, it is equally critical to know the process of maintaining these tools. Lack of proper maintenance would result in malfunctioning of these tools, leading to incorrect results.

  • A technician would first need to ensure that the tools stop working when they are a part of a lathe machine. This is important because if the maintenance procedure is carried out during the working of the tools, they might get damaged.
  • It is necessary to clean the measuring faces and connecting tools to ensure the accuracy of the measuring tool. If the tool is being used with something that is highly corrosive in nature, it should be cleaned on a regular basis.
  • The precision measuring tools should be kept separate from the hand tools.
  • These measuring tools should always be used for their own purpose and not as a substitute for other tools.
  • You should always maintain the temperature of the working place as any change in the temperature may cause a change in the measurement reading.
  • Special care should be taken to make sure that these measuring tools never come in the vicinity of any magnetic field as that may lead to misalignment.
  • Special calibration methods need to be followed to ensure the proper functioning of these tools. No hammer, pliers, or files should be used for rectifying the errors in these tools.

Precision measuring tools need to be dealt with care. Special training should be imparted to technicians working with them.

    Edword Simpson

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    Edward S from San Diego is in love with technological innovations. He holds particular interest in calibration equipment.

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