Why I think your argument for the legalization of marijuana sucks

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Many arguments for the legalization of cannabis all seem to run along the same lines. “It’s all natural”. “Cannabis smoke is healthier than tobacco smoke”. “Alcohol kills 2.5 million annually”.

I think those arguments blow and here’s why:

The people that are against the legalization of marijuana are not against it because alcohol kills millions, or because it grows naturally on earth. They are against it because of a complete ignorance and misinformation on the subject. Many of the current arguments for legalization are essentially suggesting marijuana as a substitute or a healthier alternative to alcohol. I don’t know if you've noticed, but damn are old people stubborn. They have gone their entire lives calling it “dope” or “devil’s weed” and you’re suggesting they replace their bourbon with weed? A completely different approach to legalization should be taken. Don’t suggest substitution, but instead fight the battle by informing.

Alcohol and marijuana are about as different as a semi-truck and a compact sedan. They’ll both get you somewhere, but they serve completely different purposes.

When arguing with older generations about legalization, I suggest you cater to what older people care about: their precious (grand)children and how the government is spending all their hard earned money.

Do your research and show how it has been proven time and time again to give back a small piece of humanity to those with debilitating medical issues. Preach about how damn much our laws are costing us. Billions funneled to the “war on drugs”, yet as can be seen in Colorado, we’d make billions. Hmm. If all else fails, just cut the power to your house if you see them watching Nancy Grace.

With enough time, and enough factual information, just perhaps you’ll be able to sway the people around you. Maybe you’ll open their mind just a enough so they can see it isn't the devil. So they can see it doesn't make society dumb. Hell, I’d go so far as suggesting over 70% of people in college have smoked Cannabis. More than once. It’s not right to treat those that consume cannabis like the dregs of society.

It doesn't make you a bad person, it just makes you who you are. Allow people to be free, allow them to be who they truly want to be.

Most importantly, allow them to feel how they want to feel.

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