6. Being apart

It has been three weeks since I saw you. I miss the smell of your skin and your blue curious eyes. To be honest I miss everything about you even though the feeling is unreal that you actually exists.

I was away for for a week down south. Getting back home a cold but me to bed. It´s still has its firm grip around me but we took a long walk together, we even went on a boat.

Three weeks out of the 8 months you lived is a long time. I don’t think you sense time in the same way we do but I could tell it´s been long. I saw your eyes hesitating. You didn’t really regonize me any more. But then again your to small to understand that it´s me that is your father. In a way I´m going through the same feeling. Not being to young becoming a father but the realization and feeling haven´t really matured and settled within me.

Vincent, holding you up as high up in the air and watching how your entire face becomes a smile of sheer happiness is worth anything. You love it. I can do it exactly when ever and your face just lights up embedding every cell of mine in warmth love for you.

Three weeks makes a difference. You now crawl which you hardly did the last time we saw each other. You can sit and stand up on your own. What ever little thing you do, it doesn´t really matter what, I´m so proud of you and love you like no one else!

When I held you yesterday you feel asleep in my in my arms with your little face against my chest. I quietly sang to you a self made story. I kisses you several times on the forehead and it wasn´t until my arms were numb of your weight that I softly put you in the stroller.

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