This is an example of how I feel inside when I’m spread thin by outside forces: the news, unsolicited opinions and fears, the insecurity of others, the “Debbie downers”, toxic relationships, past pain and hurt and anything unproductive that drains the fucking life out of me.

We must be careful who we let into our space…

To whom we confide…

Who take advice from and who we allow in…

Everyone doesn’t deserve that privilege and quite frankly, I’m spread thin. The care I give to unnecessary things, people and experiences have me feeling totally drained — emotionally. I felt the need to share this because I know someone out there is experiencing the same thing — at this very moment. I’m taking this in — deeply and learning how NOT to fight a battle that doesn’t concern me but the effects of others who’ve placed their baggage in my doorway.

I’ve learned quite a few things this year and some of these “things” have brought me to this place. Here they are:

  1. Be careful of what you share and whom you connect with on social media. People highlight what they want you to see but EVERYONE has a story. Don’t make it your business to find out without it revealing something within you; and if you aren’t careful, you will attract others from your wounds. Self-care is crucial in these times.

2. Nothing is sacred or safe in cyberspace. If you put it out there, expect the world to see it — even if you think your account is secure.

3. Perception is everything. People will take what you post or say based on where they are — psychologically. This goes for family members as well.

4. Avoid the miserable, mediocre, unhappy and unmotivated. It’s contagious and will create frustration and anger within you.

5. Don’t let your actions or inaction be the result of someone else’s opinion of you or your situation. The moment someone gives you unsolicited advice, it becomes more about them than you.

6. Lastly and most importantly, cultivate your sense of self and self-worth for YOU and not through the eyes of others. You are what you think you are. This can make or destroy your perception of your own reality and the reality around you.

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