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It also allows patients to order repeat prescriptions from their GP, and message their pharmacist on a “secure private channel”, according to its creators. 
The RXASAP app is described by its creators as “a smart medicine diary for patients that analyses their medicine-taking pattern, records their concerns and helps them gain their pharmacist or doctor’s attention when misuse or irregular medicine-taking occurs”. Designed by pharmacist Gary Jones from Borth Pharmacy in Wales, ProDelivery Manager is billed as a “logistic application”. The patient can also align the app with their pharmacy of choice, including adding a “trusted pharmacist”, who can be contacted through the pp. The company says it is developing “pre-order functionality”, so that patients will be able to receive reminders when they are running low, and then automatically reorder their medicines through the app — https://rxasap.mobi/it/ 
We already have a pre-built base solution that includes native ios & RXASAP android apps for customers, a powerful web panel for admins for order management panel for qualified pharmacists. Add the profiles of your children, spouse, elderly parents or other dependents to help manage their medications, with their consent and the appropriate permissions from your local pharmacist. You can access in-pharmacy test results, keep your healthcare professionals informed, and better manage your health.

RXASAP helps you easily manage medications for you and your family, under the guidance of your trusted pharmacist. I downloaded this app on the advice of the Pharmacy to help manage my prescriptions. The pain and addiction medication management mobile app is intended to help providers effectively and responsibly prescribe pain medications as well as stay up-to-date in the industry- https://rxasap.mobi/es/ 
To help our providers and patients, we have developed free technological tools with access to the most up-to-date patient and medication information. RXASAP which calls itself an on-demand pharmacy and is based in Mountain View, Calif., will use the money to further automate its prescription fulfillment program and develop more analytics for drug utilization review, a process for reviewing, prescribing, dispensing and using medication. A mobile healthcare company whose app helps consumers expedite prescription refills and delivery has raised $2 million in new funding. 
RXASAP also provides reminders to help you remember to take your medications and to process your refills, promoting better health and wellness for you and your family. Enjoy all the same services as your local drugstore — with prescription medications hand-delivered directly to you by friendly NowRx drivers. No matter whether you’re a single-store pharmacy, a chain of pharmacies or are simply in the final lap of understanding how to build an online pharmacy business, both you and your customers can hugely benefit by a pharmacy website and an https://rxasap.mobi/it/ app. 
It does a lot, even at the free level, from prescription drug and safety information to running potential drug interactions to checking health insurance formularies for medication coverage. 5 Brilliant Pharmacy Apps for Stressed-Out Pharmacists. Get discounts on prescriptions when in the Medicare donut hole, or if your medication isn’t covered on your current plan. 
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