Think writing is an outdated skill? Think again.

Photo: Glenn Carstens-Peters/Unsplash

A few months into my first graduate placement I started to wonder if someone had made a mistake. I’d been placed in a commercial team full of former accountants, numerical deal makers who negotiated prices with the biggest brands in the world.

Enter Callum, former mobile phone salesman and journalism graduate, who hadn’t opened an excel spreadsheet since high school and thought that a VLookup was some sort of prank.

In the beginning I tried to play them at their own game. I made a good attempt and learned a lot, but my skillset just didn’t match up.

I decided…

Social media is a strange beast.

Today even your grandmother has heard of Facebook, and maybe she’s liking 5 year old posts right now and commenting “you look lovely” on pictures where you’re trying to look serious and se)(y. The secret is out.

Yet at the tender age of 26, it’s strange to think that my generation is also a bit out of touch with this phenomenon; we were growing up as social media came into being, we weren’t immersed in it. I think that’s why we’ve still got a few lessons to learn.

Up until recently, I was relentlessly…

Happy? Drink! Sad? Drink!

The passionate, heart-warming, sometimes volatile northern uncle who just doesn’t know when to stop. It’s the image which has permeated British media for as long as anyone can remember, and it resurfaced again as the Scottish Government became the first governing party in the world to introduce a minimum unit pricing cap for alcohol.

As of May 1st 2018, there is now a 50p per unit minimum price on all alcohol sold in Scotland. Supermarket own brand lagers and spirits disappeared from the shelves on the same day.

And with 1,235 alcohol related deaths as a direct result of alcohol…

“Have you heard of audiobooks?”

We can now communicate in more ways than ever before.

When we pick up the phone multiple messaging apps compete for our attention, a picture can say exactly 128 characters in a 10 second period and the humble telephone call must now be accompanied by 4K quality uncomfortably close close-ups.

Stifled within this menagerie of methods, yearning to overcome the bells, whistles, filters and emoji’s is a pleading, desperate request from the vast majority of passing recipients:

“Get to the point!”

We might love this variety from a chosen few, but when it arrives unannounced, repeatedly, again and again, it…


Stereotypical Scotsman in London, a business human hype-writer. Hiking, movies, writing and keeping fit makes me happy. #Gaidhlig.

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