How to solve the social problem of supermarkets throwing away too much food part 3

My third example of solving the food from social entrepreneurs is by Unilever. If you have not realised the first two examples was a solution us consumers can do to tackle the crisis (part 1), and how the supermarkets can deal with the issue (part 2). Therefore this solution is that Unilever took part in shaping the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) this forums is to come up with ways to tackle the issue, as well as spreading awareness to the consumers and in lobbying the Government. This is to make the Government relook at what is in place and see what they can do in place to assist in reducing the food waste, such as them re-evaluation the policies in place that forces the supermarkets to throw the food away. So far this forum has only been running for over a year, and have worked along side many partnerships in addressing the issue.

Another Potential Solution Svenja Nussbaum

Steven Asei Dantoni