New Beginnings

This should probably been posted before all my posts, as recently I have embarked on a new journey, this journey is me studying abroad in France. The reason for starting this journey was due to a class I took last year that moving out of the comfort zone is where you really grow and develop as a person, which made me decide to study abroad.

My inspiration quote on developing my person

At the beginning of my journey I was faced with challenges that has never been presented to me before such as flying by myself, and meeting people who do not speak much English, apart from the people on my course and the lectures.

So far I have made new friends, and am looking forward for the next thirteen weeks so spending time to get to know them, get to explorer the local area with them and hopeful make long life term friends, and it will be a sad goodbye when I head back home.

True words

Steven Asei Dantoni

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