Social Issues

There are many social issues, and to day in class we discussed a wide range of issues which if we could change what you they be. We firstly discussed our issues in groups of three (with Adriana Medrano and Anirudh) and then how it directly affected us, which we then reported back to the class.

Our groups issues

My issue was based on cyber-bullying as I am very against bullying but cyber-bullying in my opinion is the worst as you can not identify who is bullying you. The reason why i want to solve this issue mainly for children is that I believe children can have huge potential to make a difference and something prevent them being who they are in fear is unacceptable. One or the reasons why I am passionate about it is because I was cyber-bullied in the past and did not like how I felt about myself as I lose my confidence in myself, so by me think of ways to social this social issue will make me feel proud that I am preventing other people from being cyberbullied, and this is my motivation.

Steven Asei Dantoni