A Note on Authenticity Vs. Positivity

Jennifer Burton
Oct 19, 2015 · 2 min read

I hate the phrase “Be positive.” If you don’t feel positive and you firmly tell yourself to “JUST BE POSITIVE!” your brain calls bullshit, and you feel like a phony.

Be YOU! Be AUTHENTIC! If you’re having a shitty day, guess what? Say so! Shout it to the heavens if you need to! Acknowledging that something isn’t going quite right frees you up to ask the question “What can I do NOW that will make me feel ____ in this moment?” (Blank is however you actually WANT to feel.)

Admitting you’re in a rough spot is not the same as dwelling there. Admitting you’re in a rough spot is not all-or-none thinking. All-or-none thinking sounds like: “Nothing goes right for me.” or “Everything sucks.” or “The world is against me.” The words you say have power. TREMENDOUS power. And when you say the world is against me, you reinforce the mentality that makes you feel like the world is against you.

Admit things are currently shitty, feel the feelings that come up, and THEN — and only then — can you put a positive spin on it.

“I had a rough start to my day but there’s still 6 hours left for things to shift!”

“I’m tired but tonight I will get the rest I need and tomorrow I’ll feel so much more energized.”

“So far I feel bored. Maybe I should take a walk or do _____ to break up the monotony.”

Match up your words to your will. If you really are ready to feel better, make your words match your intention. Replace “Everything sucks” with “Some things need improvement, but I can do ____ to improve this part of it right now.” Replace “I’m fat” with “I’m ready to shed the weight that doesn’t represent the health and vitality I want for my life.”

What negative things do you say that need to be reworded to match what you want / your intention? If you need help putting a positive spin on something, reframing it, or seeing it in a different light, comment below!