Jennifer Burton
Oct 19, 2015 · 2 min read

I’m not too fond of this article and I’ll tell you why. It’s not enough for the writer to say they don’t have the full story on this particular topic. Yes, the circumstances seem to call for a double take. A step back. But what if the circumstances were exactly what they looked like? There is a psychology behind why people take selfies. I believe girls do it for one or both of these reasons: 1) It makes them feel pretty. WHAT IS SO VERY WRONG WITH WANTING TO FEEL PRETTY? Yes, there’s a good chance it could come from a place of insecurity, but so what? Just because someone might be insecure, we’re supposed to make them feel worse about themselves for wanting to feel a certain feeling they get when their photo is “liked”??? How does it help their insecurity to shame them? 2) People like tangibility. People want to be remembered, and I think on some level everyone takes pictures of themselves to not just remember that moment, but to have something tangible to be remembered by because they are keenly aware of the impermanence of life. Same reason people hang shoes on telephone cords. Besides the gang-related reasons, it’s a way to be known in this world. A cry to be noticed. To be remembered. To leave evidence that they were here, living this life that seems all too short.

So no, the writer didn’t have the whole story, even when she learned about the other circumstances. There’s always an even deeper story, which is why none of us are in a place to judge ANYONE. Ever.