Variations on “Letting Go”

Does the phrase “let go” not work for you? Here are some alternatives:

cease strife.
be a river.
the path of least resistance.
(or the path of INNER EASE).
peace starts from within.
follow the light.
be here.
be now.

These are all part of the same idea: Prioritize the things that truly matter and forget everything else. Everything else will fall into place.

Aim for alignment in all areas of your life. Not BALANCE, but ALIGNMENT: Does how you spend your time match your values? Does how you spend your money match your values? What about how you spend your energy/resources — does that match your values? Values are what you want most out of life. Are you getting what you want from life?

This is YOUR life. Your LIFE and yours alone! No one is going to make you happy. Your happiness isn’t just your right, it is your DUTY. Your power is in your happiness. If you aim for alignment in all areas of your life, if you go after your heart’s desires, callings, longings — with the fierceness you were born with — THE GUIDEPOSTS WILL SHOW UP:

-the book you need to read
-the thing you need to do next
-the person you need to connect with
-the thing that tells you to take a break or create space

THEY WILL ALL SHOW UP! GUARANTEED! Don’t worry about “Am I doing this the right way?” If you start from PROTECTING YOUR HEART’S DESIRES WITH FIERCENESS, you WILL find the signs and guideposts to direct you to where you need to go next on your journey. No need to SEARCH for the signs. When the signs come up, it will be obvious. Your instinct is everything. Your instinct is your heart going: Nope, not gonna work for me. Or Yup! This is it. This is in alignment with who I am.

No trying, no striving, no strife. Cease strife. Period.